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tv   Russian State of the Union Address with President Vladimir Putin  CSPAN  December 4, 2015 5:29am-6:28am EST

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russian president vladimir putin delivered his annual state of the nation address to lawmakers in moscow. he spoke about the fight against terrorism and relations with turkey after the recent downing of a russian plane. courtesy rt, this is an hour.
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>> translator: members of the third rags counsel, deputies of the do you meuma, citizens of r. first of all, i would like to thank russian servicemen who fight international terrorism. today, here in this george's hall, this historic hall for russian military glory, we have our pilots, our servicemen, participating in anti-terrorist operation in syria. we have them present here with
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us. they lost their husbands in this war on terror. we are really grateful to you and to the parents of our heroes. let's honor the memory of our servicemen who gave their lives to fulfill their duty, the memory of all russian citizens murdered at the hands of terrorists. thank you. colleagues, russia has long been fighting at the forefront of the war on terror. we are fighting for justice,
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happiness, the future of our people and entire civilization. we are familiar with the aggression of international terrorism. russia first faced it in the mid '90s, and the people of russia, when the people of russia were a target of terrorist attacks, we remember terrorist attacks in moscow, express bombing, terrorist attacks at the airport and in the moscow natural. those attacks took away thousands of lives and we will always remember what happened back then. it took us almost ten years to defeat terrorists. we basically forced them to leave russia. we drove them out of our
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country, but we are still fighting some within ourselves and still from time to time we face terrorism, we had terrorists attacks in bell and just recently a plane was bombed over the sinai peninsula. it is impossible to defeat international terrorism alone, especially when borders are open and the world is witnessing mass movements of population from country to country. and in a situation where terrorists receive financial support on a massive scale. we haven't resolved the issue of afghanistan. the situation in afghanistan is far from promising and countries like iraq, libya, and syria who are looked at quite good recently are now areas of anarchy posing a threat to the
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whole world. and we know why that happened. we know who it was who decided to change the regimes in those countries and impose their own rules so they got us into this mess. they destroyed those states and then they distanced themselves away from the situation there, they are opening the way for terrorists and extremists. terrorists and syria pose a special threat. many people there from russia and other countries, they receive money and weapons. they build up their forces. and if they win there in syria, sooner or later they will come to russia as well and will continue with their terrorist activities here. we have to be prepared and we have to defeat and eliminate them before they get here. this is why we made a decision to launch this military
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operation based on the request from the government of syria. our forces fight in syria for russia. they fight for the security of our people, first and foremost. our army and our air force have demonstrated their efficiency. russian armed forces are effective and we will use this experience to further enhance our military capabilities. we are grateful to our engineers, our workers, everybody who works at our defense factories. in fighting terrorism, russia interacted extreme responsibility. our decisive action was
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supported by the people of russia. our people understand the total threat that comes from terrorism. their position is patriotic and mor moral. i strongly believe that we need to protect our heritage, our culture, our history. we need to learn from the lessons of the past and we see historic perils in the 20th century. when people were not willing to join their forces to fight nazis and they had to pay in lives of tens of millions of innocent people. today we face this new barbaric ideology and we cannot allow these people to achieve their goals, we should set aside all our differences and join our
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forces in one united anti-terrorist front that would act based on international law and under the united nations. every civilized nation today has to make a contribution to defeating terrorism. we don't need declarations. we need specific action. this means they should be no safe havens for terrorists, no double standard. no contact with any terrorist organization. no attempt to play them, to use them to achieve your purposes. we know who it is that profits in turkey by letting terrorists sell the oil they stole, the terrorists used this money to recruit new members, to plan new terrorist attacks against our people, people of france, mali,
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and other countries. it was in turkey that terrorists from the north caucuses is to find safety and some of them are still there. yet the people of turkey are kind and talented. they like to work. we have a lot of good friends in turk turkey. and they should know that we do not -- those people and some of the ruling elite in turkey who are directly responsible for the deaths of our servicemen in turkey. we will never remember what they did, how they helped terrorists. we have always considered we betrayal, the most innoble act, those who back stabbed our pilots in turkey should remember
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that. those who tried to justify terrorists should remember about that. i don't understand why they did it. any questions, any problems, any differences, maybe we were not even aware of them. but there were other ways to resolve them. we were open to cooperate with turkey on the -- on most sensitive issues. we were ready to go as far as their allies even were not willing to do.y al lah knows wh it, i guess. i guess allah decided to punish the ruling in turkey by dp stripping it of their sanity. but we will not respond in a nervous and a dangerous way.
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our reaction will not aim to achieve short-term political goals or anything like that. no. our actions will be based on responsibility before our people, our country. we don't want any saber rattling, but if somebody thinks that by committing this vial crime they can get away with tomatoes or constrictions on construction worker or something like that, they're wrong. we will long remember what they did and they will long regret what they did. we know what needs to be done.
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we've mobilized our law enforcement. but everybody should realize their responsibility, the government, political parties, mass media, everybody. what iks what russia strong is that all ethnic groups should develop freely here. our diversity, our cultures, our languages, our mutual respect, our dialogue between russian orthodox church, judaism, islam, buddhism. we should confront terrorism in all forms. we should treasure our armies, our accord between all the ethnic and religious groups. this is the core. this is the strong foundation of the russian state.
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in 2016 we'll have a parliame parliamentary election. so i would like to address the leaders of all political parties. everybody who will be involved in the electoral process, i would like to quote an outstanding historian. this is what he wrote. if you don't respect yourself, others will not respect you either. love for your country should not make you blind. you shouldn't tell people that you are best than everybody else. but we as russians should also be aware of where we stand. yes, we should be aware of all of our problems but we should remain a single nation. we should remember that our russia is above all for us. competition should be fair and equal, should follow all the rules. should respect electorate and
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respect the outcome of the results. the election should be fully legitimate. colleagues, i believe that everybody involved will pay special attention to corruption in their platforms and corruption is really a big factor that deters russia from developing properly today. today government official, judge, and so on, have to report their incomes, their tax declarati declarations also construction contracts, other kinds of contracts, if they involve relatives or close family. all of this will have to be reported if there is some conflict of interest, this should immediately attract the attention of overseeing and the law enforcement agencies and society as well, of course.
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just recently members of the peoples front reported me about some cases they uncovered where there were some violations. so i would ask the prosecution service and law enforcement in general to respond to such cases general to respond to such cases promptly. captioning performed by vitac captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2008
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